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Zing Entertainment is not just a business. it's an eat, live, breath passion- a lifestyle, a necessity.

Zing Entertainment is not just a business. It's an eat, live, breath passion - a lifestyle, a necessity. There is no feeling quite like the feeling that comes from seeing a stranger have tears of excitement, happiness, LOVE. The moment when a little girl squeals with excitement, or when a grown man jumps to the beat of those loud bass drums.


We have all watched performers and thought…WOW imagine being him or her...but now I have the honour of thinking HOLY S%#@ OUR show did that…so what are we at Zing Entertainment…We are Smile Makers, Impromptu Amateur Choir Arrangers, Floor Fillers, Memory Curators….Heart Beat Raisers and we are ecstatic that we get to do this many many times every year in for people that we have never met in venues inside and outside all over Australia and soon the world!

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